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Physical Science

There are tabs on the left:


The classroom tab when clicked will take you to your Google Classroom for the section you are enrolled in.


The Announcements tab for your section will have information posted for your particular class.


Disregard what is listed at this time on the announcement tabs. I have not had time to update it, yet.



Students will use Edgenuity Computer Program to complete  classes assigned by the Guidance Counselor and set up by the Edgenuity Facilitator (Me) 



Class Expectations:




  1. Don’t be late
  2. Log on to computer and get on task
  3. Adhere to the Technology Acceptable Use Policy. Stay on task (No music or unauthorized websites)
  4. Use earphones the entire class period for Edgenuity only! (No music or unauthorized  websites)
  5. No eating or drinking in class
  6. No cell phone use during class
  7. No listening devices except assigned earphones for use with Edgenuity
  8. Work will be monitored and students should be on task a minimum of 80 minutes per class hour taken.



All TOPIC TESTS AND CUMULATIVE EXAMS must be taken during the class at school. They can not be taken outside the classroom!!!!!


Report cards will not have a grade for Edgenuity Classes. A Progress Report will be sent home with the report card.


Once the course is completed the final grade will be posted directly to the students' Transcript. The link below explains how to read and understand the progress report.



HOW TO READ PROGRESS REPORT   CLICK ON THIS LINK Understanding the Progress Report.docx