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Hi, I am Charlaine Whann and this is my third year teaching at Ponchatoula Junior High School.  It is an honor and privilege to be a part of this team.  I have been teaching for twenty two years.  My certification is in grades 1-8.  I am highly qualified in Science and hold a Masters in Education Leadership and Technology. My hometown is Baton Rouge and  graduated  from Southeastern Louisiana University.  I have one son and  two  beautiful grandson, Thomas Israel and Leonard Titus.  


My aim in teaching is to help each student to achieve a greater level of success through promoting higher level critical thinking skills which will enable them to develop the creativity and potentiality that is within them.  In order to accomplish this I believe that a teacher should become not only an educator, but also a parent, guide, leader, and counselor for the continued advancement of the student.  It is my desire to create an environment that exemplifies enthusiasm and empathy which is necessary for the comprehension, attentiveness, and responsiveness on the part of the student.  Overall, my goal is to help my students to develop character, a heart for serving his/her fellow classmates, exemplify respect  and to strengthen his/her capacity to acquire knowledge for the sake of discovering success.


In order to satisfy the needs of students, I will employ investigation, experimentation, research, discussions, projects, and technology, along with cooperative learning methods of teaching.  Because students are different, I will use various methods to acquaint them with the subject content.


I consider the goal of education to be the student's intellectual and moral development.  Education should not only serve as both preparation and a way of life, but it should also serve as a personal means of satisfaction and provide hope for the future.