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My name is Allie Hutches. I am a graduate of Louisiana State University in Early Childhood Education. I am certified to teach grades preschool through third. I have a passion for helping to mold the minds of young children through developmentally appropriate practices. I believe in exploratory learning and learning through play. I have committed myself to guide, love, and encourage my students. I am eager every day to learn new practices and techniques to better teach the young children in my classroom. 


Parents, if you need extra resources for your child, please visit the sites to the left. These resources are all optional, but they are a great way to keep your child engaged and learning during this difficult time. Feel free to contact me with any questions and stay safe!!


**There is a new link to the left labelled Weekly Writing. I will post a new writing assignment for first and second grade every Wednesday. This is completely optional but will give the students an engaging task and a little normalcy. I do not want these weekly assigments to add stress to your family. You can do as many or as little as you see fit for your child. I would love to see the completed assignemnts, so please feel free to email me pictures of their work :) I'm missing all of my studnets so much! 


First Grade Eureka- Modules 5 and 6 

Second Grade Eureka- Modules 7 and 8


Reading- Please read a book with your children each day! The more your children read, the better readers they become! To the left are reading passages that you may print. The students can read and answer questions! 


Science- Mystery science is a website that is full of fun, engaging activies. Choose your grade level and have fun learning through exploration!