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The Specifics:


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Name:  Mrs. Evelyn Anstiss 

Duties: Advanced Math teacher, SELU DE Math 161 - College Algebra facilitator, and 9th & 10th grade counselor

Experience: 20 years teaching (5 yrs at LHS) with 7 years in the counseling department.

Goals:  I look forward to working with my students and parents as we make strides toward graduation and post-secondary opportunities.  My goal for this year is to ensure every student knows the opportunities available after graduation (be it university, technical college, military, or the workforce). Each student and his/her family will be made aware of the steps required to prepare for these opportunities.




The LHS PRIDE expectations are enforced and essential to your success:


  • PREPARATION: Come to school prepared to learn.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Your success (or lack of) is dependent on your effort.  The old cliche' "You only get out what you put in" holds true with education.  We are here to assist you in every way possible...but it is up to YOU to ask.
  • INTEGRITY: Every decision, good or bad, has a consequence (positive or negative).  Be ready to accept them!
  • DEDICATION: Assignments and notes can be found online. Never give up.  You can SUCCEED!
  • ETIQUETTE: Treat others with respect.  Foul language and bullying are never tolerated. 



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