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“Plagiarism — The attempt to represent the work of another, as it may relate to written or oral works, computer-based work, mode of creative expression (i.e. music, media or the visual arts), as the product of one's own thought, whether the other's work is published or unpublished, or simply the work of a fellow student. When a student submits oral or written work for credit that includes the words, ideas, or data of others, the source of that information must be acknowledged through complete, accurate, and specific references, and, if verbatim statements are included, through use of quotation marks as well. By placing one’s name on work submitted for credit, the student certifies the originality of all work not otherwise identified by appropriate

acknowledgements. A student will avoid being charged with plagiarism if there is an acknowledgement of indebtedness.”


How to Annotate a Non-fiction Text

      When you annotate non-fiction, you identify important information 
      and record your ideas about its ideas, claims, and writing style. 
      While annotating may seem like "extra work" and even unnecessary, 
      here are some big payoffs:
  • annotation improves comprehension and writing;
  • it creates a virtual slideshow of information for later study that eliminates most rereading;
  • annotation promotes deeper reflection, analysis, and insight;
  • it helps you stay focused and makes reading more tangible and present
When do you annotate? 

      The best time to annotate is when the reading's subject matter challenges or significantly expands       what you already know.  
       Avoid annotating ideas, concepts or information that are familiar or that you've mastered.

What should I annotate, and how should I do it? 

      Whenever you underline something in the text, you should write something about it in the margin. 
      Always use the same symbols (be consistent!) Use your own words (paraphrase). 
      Annotation is an excellent and quick test of your understanding: If you can’t write it, you don’t       understand it.