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Transitioning to digital learning is a huge shift for all of us – teachers, students, and parents. While we recognize that we cannot replicate the experience students would have in school, we believe learning can continue if we all work together. 

  • Help your student establish a daily routine. We recommend maintaining as much of a regular schedule as possible. Include time for school, meals, physical activity, and down time. 
  • Identify a working space for your student. Some students may be able to work in their bedrooms, but most will need a clear separation between work and personal time. 
  • Ensure that your student has the technical tools they need. 
  • Check email, Oncourse/Google classroom  with your student. How often you check in is up to you! This will vary by student. As we begin this new learning environment, check in frequently, and then ease up when you feel you are able to.
  • Help your student reach out to teachers for support if needed. Students should use posted office hours first, and rely on email as a secondary support. We anticipate that teachers will receive an unusually high volume of email through this transition, and we encourage everyone to be as efficient as possible. 
  • Contact the school if your student is sick and unable to attend school.
  • Encourage your student to keep in touch  with friends and mentors. 
  • Please be patient.  This is new to all of us.  If you have questions, concerns, or criticisms, please send them to me
  • Your student's google clasroom syllabus has my cell phone number for parent use only.  
  • Take care of yourself! Give yourself, and others, some grace through this period.