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Discipline Plan:

  • School Wide Discipline Plan will be in effect! (These rules are posted in your classroom.)


Classroom Rules

  • Keep ALL Body Parts to Yourself
  • Do Not Get Out of Your Seat Without Permission
  • No Talking While the Teacher is Talking
  • Respect Everyone and Their Belongings



1.     Verbal Warning

2.     15 minute Detention

3.     30 minute Detention 

4.     Parent Conference

5.     Referral


Consequences are put in place for students who break the rules. Consequences hopefully bring the misbehaving student back on task and harsher consequences will not have to be used.


Individual and Group Motivation and Rewards

1.      PBIS points

2.      Verbal Appreciation

3.      Good Note or Phone Call Home to Parents


Classroom Procedures:

Procedures in the classroom are very important. Procedures allow the classroom to function smoothly without chaos. Procedures need to be taught to the students on the first few days of school so they know what the teacher expects from them. These procedures also need to be reviewed and modeled everyday in class.

Entering the Room at the Beginning of the Day

  • Students are to enter the room quietly.
  • Students need to sit in their assigned seats.
  • Students then need to take out their bell ringer sheet and begin on the daily bell ringer  assignment with a voice level 0.
  • When the students are finished their daily bellringer, the students are to take out their homework from the night before and place it on their desk.
  • The students then need to take out their planner and write down their homework for that night.


 Taking Attendance

  • Students will have assigned seating in the class.
  • When a desk is empty, I will know to mark that person absent.
  • After roll is taken I will address any other issues such as collecting money, absente excuses, checking homework, etc.


Students Needing Help During Seatwork

  • Students are to remain seated.
  • Students should raise their hand quietly and wait to be called upon.
  • When the student is called upon they can then ask the question or I will go to their desk to assist them on the activity.


Absent Students’ Make-Up Work

  • When the student returns from being absent, they are to write down any assignment missed. Assignments will be written daily on the white board located at the front of the class. 
  • The make-up work will then be completed by the student on his/her own time, not during class time unless it is a test.
  • The student has 3 days to complete the make up work and return it to me.
  • *** I will not chase after the student to turn in the make up work, they are in 7th grade now and it is part of their responsibility.

Dismissing at the End of Class , Lunch, End of the Day, Etc.

  • Students are to start putting their books and supplies away two minutes before the bell rings.
  • After the student packs up, they are to look around their desk and surrounding area and pick up any trash they see.
  • The students will then remain seated until told to line up.
  • When the bell rings students are then to exit the classroom quietly in a single file line.
  • If a student has trash, they will throw it away as they pass the trash can exiting the room.

Throwing Away Trash

  • Students need to hold their trash until the end of class.
  • Place the trash on your desk, next to your desk or somewhere out of the way but that you will not forget it, and on the way out of the room place it in the trash can.


Sharpening Pencils

  • The teacher will call group by group at the beginning of class to sharpen pencils if needed.

Passing Up Papers

  • The students are to pass the paper forward, up to the first person in the row.
  • When the student at the front of the row receives all papers, the person furthest to the right side of the classroom will start to pass the papers to the left.
  • When the last person receives all of the papers that person will put a paper clip on it and place it in my turn it tray on my desk in front of them.


  • There will be weekly grades given.
  • The students will be notified prior to a chapter test
  • The scores will be based on normal grading scale, which is posted in the classroom.


Please feel free to ask questions! I look forward to teaching you for and hope you enjoy our activities and lessons that we will cover.